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Events August 2013

Celebrating Indepencence Day

The event celebrated the Independence Day fervor and saw all the zeal and enthusiasm in the students. The objective was to strengthen the patriotic feeling among the students The celebration began with the hoisting of the Flag by the President, Shri A. P. verma which was followed by him recalling the struggle for Independence and the learnings from the various National Leaders. 

The premises were colored with tri-color flags, kites, birds etc. Children also put up a variety program of music and dance based on patriotic songs. sweets and refreshments were also provided to the children.


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Book Distribution

A variety of new children’s books were provided for free to all the students Of Navsamaj Welfare Society' s Sikhsh Kendra on 11th August 2013. 

“Our sole aim is to provide equal opportunities for quality education to poor students. Those who want to study should never have to give it up because of lacks of resources." President, Shri A.P. verma said.


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