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In the freezing  December 16 night of Delhi, when the entire city dons their sweaters, monkey-caps and mufflers with a hot cup of tea (which they enjoy holding instead of drinking), there are few under-privileged who cannot afford even a sweater  and die – without a roof or cloth on their bare bodies – to add one more to the count of deaths in North India due to cold wave every year. As of 13th January 2011, 159 such under-privileged succumbed to the dance of death this season.

With the increasing cold wave in the northern region, Navsamaj Welfare Society has started distribution of for warm clothes to the cold affected poor people of Rajokari Pahari area to mitigate their sufferings.The woolens were distributed among students at about 10.30 am on 31st  December 2016 and the eventwas supervised by president Shri A.P.Verma.Navasamaj Welfare Society has been working in the area for last few years on various issues like, child development, women, rural development and especially on child education.

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There is hard winter season every year in Delhi & NCR, where a lot old single women and old age person die due to lack of winter warm clothing. Beacuse Family ,They have not take care for facilities to these vulnerable old age persons. If they fall ill , also there are no one who take care and provide medical facilities. They urgently require warm clothing i.e. blanket to prevent from death due to hard cold. They live a very hard and miserable life in winter season.

Challenge For  Navsamaj Welfare Society :- 

The “Navsamaj Welfare society”  has conducted survey on the status of old age poor women status in the winter season . The report reveals that they are seriously lacking warm cloths , specially blanket and this create problem for them in winter season . The report also reveals that a large no of old age persons and  women death occurs in winter season due to lack of warm cloths i.e. blanket. Due to deep poverty and ignorance from family, society and govt. they are not able to manage the warm cloths & Blanket..

Solution :-Warm cloths i.e. blanket would be distributed among the helpless poor old persons and women , who are not able to purchase the warm cloths due to poverty and which don't have proper shelter facilities . It would make them safe from the hard cold in winter season. Today “Navsamaj Welfare Society” decided to  distribute “BLANKETS AND WARM CLOTHS” among poor women and  old age persons. During the program all volunteer, Seema, unita,Pinku,Darshan,Avinash Prasad Verma, Shatrudhan Prasad, Mukhtiyar Singh (Social Worker), are there. Mr. A.P.Verma (President of Navsamaj) is thanks  to all volunteers and all guests.

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Navsamaj Welfare Society distributed quilts among  poor and destitute people at Rajokari Pahari. President, Shri A.P.Verma and other eminent people were also present. Due to deep poverty and  ignorance from family, society and no support from goverment they are not able to manage the warm clothes and quilts. Navsamaj Welfare Society urgently requires warm clothing such as blankets and jackets  to prevent old people from death due to ard cold. They live a very hard and  miserable life in winter season. During the   quilts distribution Mr. Gulshan Arora , Mukhtiyar Singh, Anindya Dey, Avinash Prasad Verma,Sima  , Sunita,all staff and volunteer are present there.

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Spreading smiles, joy and birthday cake: A group that celebrates birthdays of underprivileged children

Imagine growing up without ever having your birthday celebrated. It isn’t the happiest of thoughts, is it? We cannot imagine a world where one day, every year, is not all about us. We cannot imagine a birthday without cake and gifts and the amazing food that mom cooks. It is almost a necessity. But that is only because we are privileged enough. There are those who don’t get to see a proper meal every day; let alone celebrate the day they were born.A social media group called 'Happy Birthday Bharat' plans to change that. They take out time on weekends and do their level best to make sure these children too, have a day all to themselves.So, what exactly is 'Happy Birthday Bharat'?

'Happy Birthday Bharat' is an initiative started by a group of people who want to put a smile on the faces of underprivileged kids, by giving them a day of joy and celebration. Today Mr. & Mrs Anand celebrate her daughter’Birthday with Underprivileged Children at “Navsamaj Welfare Society” Shiksha Kendra, Rajokari Pahari, New Delhi. During the programme Mr. A.P.Verma Thanks to guest, staff and volunteer.

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