Navsamaj Welfare Society

Navsamaj Mahila Prashikshan Kendra

Navsamaj Welfare Society has initiated a programme for women under ‘Mahila Silai Kendra’. Under this programme, women from Rajokri Pahari area will be getting vocational training of stitching and embroidery. Skills training and development programs to expand their income generating potential. 

As a result, these poor women become empowered and are able to provide the basic needs for their families. This project provides vocational training for women, allowing them to rise out of poverty and provide basic needs and school fees for their families.

The process of social development has to take into account the needs, interests and viewpoints of both men & women alike and looking at the situation of women, gender inequalities and inequities that existed, special gender specific programs were formulated and organized to mainstream women into economic activities.

To achieve this objective Mahila Prashikshan Kendra has been set up where women will be provided with vocational training, Initially we have started with Mahila Silai Kendra and gradually we tend to increase training in various other vocational fields as well.

Mahila Silai Kendra which stared in October 2012, has become source of independence and livelyhood of many women that have been trained. Most of these women have either started to work in garment manufacturing units and export houses. Some women have started working from home and have started helping thier families economically.