Navsamaj Welfare Society

Navsamaj Shiksha Kendra

Indian children’s violations of their protection rights remain spread and multiple in nature. The nature of these violations is various, ranging from child labor, child trafficking, to commercial sexual exploitation and many other forms of violence and abuse. Although poverty is often cited as the cause, other factors such as discrimination, social exclusion, and parental attitudes are the main reasons.

We believe that all children should have the opportunity to receive an education, regardless of their financial situation. In India, basic education is not free. Families need money to send their children to school.

Navsamaj Welfare Society believes that investing in education is the most effective means of reducing poverty. Education results in raising income, improving health, promoting gender equality, mitigating climate change, and reducing poverty. 

With a humble beginning in 2007, our Shiksha kendra has come a long way. Since its inception, aprroximately 450 students have been provided basic education and most of them have been admitted to schools for proper higher education.

Hopefully, this education will give them a better future and they will become part of the mainstream society and they will positively contribute to the development of our nation. We are proud of this achievement and will continue to work on this mission to provide basic education to the poorest of poor sections of the society.