August 15, 1947, holds immense importance for India as it marks the day when the country gained independence from British colonial rule. After years of struggle, negotiations, and non-violent resistance led by prominent figures like Mahatma Gandhi, India’s freedom was finally achieved. On this day, the Indian Independence Act of 1947 came into effect, granting India the status of a sovereign nation.

 77th Independence Day is now celebrated at “Navsamaj Welfare Society” at slum area Rajokari Pahari, New Delhi with underprivileged Children, marked by patriotic ceremonies, flag hoisting,  and cultural events. During the National Occasion Sri Subhash Sharma (Varisth Neta of Congress), Sri Adv.Gulshan Arora (Gen. Secretary), Sri Avinash Verma (Deputy Secretary),Sri Manoj Mehlawat (Ex-Parshad Vasant Kunj),Sri Shatrudhan Prasad (Treasurer), Sri Mukhtyar Singh(Sr. Social Worker), Sri Subhas Kalki (Sr. Social Worker),Sri Dharam Singh (Singer),Sri Pramod Kumar, Sri Arvind Paswan,Sri Uday Jha, Sri D.C.Prasad, Smt Pinku Devi, Smt. Meenu Devi, Ms. Preet Kumari, Smt. Anju Devi and all volunteers. Mr. Arbind Verma Samaj Sebi (Founder & President) Thanks & Jai Hind   to all gust, staff and volunteer