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Navsamaj Welfare Society

Empowering the People. Empowering the Society

Navsamaj - Introduction video


NAV SAMAJ WELFARE SOCIETY's mission is to make a difference in the lives of the under-privileged children, victims of natural calamities, emergency tragedies, widows, divorcees, deserted woman, victims of rape. 

  • It runs family advisory centre for rehabilitation, old age homes & orphanages.
  • It organizes HIV-I, HIV-II AIDs & polio awareness programs,
  • It assists with personality development & guidance for blind people, beggar family on street, mentally retard children etc. in the outreach of the country.

Disease Awareness

We are trying to raise awareness among public for healthcare through our work. We work with patient groups and also have our own diseases awareness campaigns.

Old Age Support

We want to run a series of orientation programs in several regions of the country for awareness and welfare of senior citizens.

Child Development

We promote child survival, development through an approach of providing basic services for improved childcare, learning, nutrition, water & sanitation.