Navsamaj Welfare Sociwty Is celebrated the Diwali With “The   Underpreviledged Children” At Their   Cntre At Rajoakari Pahari, New Delhi. During Diwali , distributed the sweet among the underpreviledged children.

Diwali is probably the most popular and well known of all Indian festivals. With different styles of celebration, rituals and traditions in different parts of India, this festival is well loved and welcomed in every Indian home. And every home is happy for Diwali. But Diwali is more about the spirit of giving than receiving. There are a lot of families who would love to celebrate Diwali the way we do in our homes.

Let’s take a look at some ways in which you can make Diwali special for the less fortunate.

Give gifts to the needy – This is a very good way of receiving blessings from Goddess Laxmi and earning goodwill at the same time. Being generous with your old clothes, giving away some food or old toys to needy people will truly make you feel better this Diwali. So go ahead and donate!

Donate to a cause – Keeping in the spirit of Diwali, try and make a donation to some cause. India has a lot of issues and many NGOs are struggling hard with problems like education, domestic violence, rehabilitation, women’s issues, etc. Making a small donation will surely bring a smile to many faces.

Invite needy kids to play – Organize a small fireworks party so that local slum kids or needy children can also be a part of a Diwali celebration. Give them crackers and let them burst it and play too. A lot of needy kids cannot afford expensive so your small act can truly make their Diwali memorable.

Give baksheesh – A lot of people have issues with giving a token gift amount to people like postmen, milkmen, servants, newspaper boys, etc. But what is small change to you can truly light up their Diwali. There are only a couple of festivals in India when they ask for baksheesh, so go ahead and be generous!

Excess sweets – It is not uncommon to see boxes and boxes of sweets being thrown away after Diwali. The average home gets a whopping 8 boxes of sweets every Diwali, according to statistics. Instead of just eating a bit and throwing away the rest, give some away to poor people. Their gratitude will bring many a cheer to your heart!

Environment – Though this does not do anything for the needy, it will do a lot for the world and the future generation. Diwali is a major cause of pollution and release of gases into the atmosphere. If you can find eco-friendly crackers and fireworks, you are doing your bit for Mother Nature and your descendants!

Organize a Crafts Session – You can do this for kids of your servants, house staff, driver, etc. Call all the kids together and let them make paper toys, lanterns, paintings, etc. Let them play freely for some time and give them a tiny gift to remember this very special Diwali by.

Thus, with a few tiny actions, you will find true peace and happiness this Diwali. After all, you will have lit up more homes than just your own!