Today on 24.09.2023, a program of “Ek Mutthi Ann Daan” was organized at Navsamaj Welfare Society Rajokri Pahari. In this program, ration kits were distributed to elderly and needy men and women.1.     Flour – 10 Kg 2. Pulses – 1 Kg 3. Gram – 1 Kg 5. Sugar – 1 Kg 6. Salt – 1 Kg. These were given in the following types of ration kits! “Navsamaj” is trying to reduce the suffering of those who received this ration kit. In this program, Mr. Subhash Sharma ji (Senior Congress leader), Mr. Rajinder Chugh (Society SEBI), Mr. Dharam Singh (Social worker and music expert), Mr. Gulshan Arora (General Secretary), Mr. Avinash Verma (Joint Secretary), Pinku Devi. , Meenu Devi, Preeti Kumari, Rakhi Kumari and all the workers were present. In the end, Shri Arbind Verma (Founder & President) said that on 10th September 2023 “Navsamaj Welfare Society” completed 20 years, it is a matter of great happiness for all of us. The work of helping the poor and helpless people will continue and thanked everyone from the bottom of my heart.