Spreading smiles, joy and birthday cake: A group that celebrates birthdays of underprivileged children

Imagine growing up without ever having your birthday celebrated. It isn’t the happiest of thoughts, is it? We cannot imagine a world where one day, every year, is not all about us. We cannot imagine a birthday without cake and gifts and the amazing food that mom cooks. It is almost a necessity. But that is only because we are privileged enough. There are those who don’t get to see a proper meal every day; let alone celebrate the day they were born.A social media group called ‘Happy Birthday Bharat’ plans to change that. They take out time on weekends and do their level best to make sure these children too, have a day all to themselves.So, what exactly is ‘Happy Birthday Bharat’?

‘Happy Birthday Bharat’ is an initiative started by a group of people who want to put a smile on the faces of underprivileged kids, by giving them a day of joy and celebration. Today Mr. & Mrs Anand celebrate her daughter’Birthday with Underprivileged Children at “Navsamaj Welfare Society” Shiksha Kendra, Rajokari Pahari, New Delhi. During the programme Mr. A.P.Verma Thanks to guest, staff and volunteer.