29th JuL 2018, at Rajokari Pahari ,New Delhi Poor children men & women will not have to beg for food on the streets. “Navsamaj Welfare Society is decided to distribute the food among underprivileged families in the Rajokari Pahari, New Delhi . Navsamaj Welfare Society’s   President Arbind Verma said anyone can contribute the food by calling Navsamaj Welfare Society’s Mobile No +91- 9811064731 or Navsamaj`s   volunteers will then visit people’s homes to collect the food. The food will be contributed by individuals as well as some companies. In a recent survey, Navsamaj Found many families who often go without food. Today Navsamaj Welfare Society Distributed food among underprivileged children at their “Shiksha Kendra” Rajokari, Pahari, New Delhi.