Pioneering No Hungry Child Free Food Program is focused towards distributing hot, nutritious and fresh food to poor, needy & hungry children across pockets of poverty in Vasantkunj ,Mahipalpur,Kusumpur Pahari and Rajokari Pahari, New Delhi, India. We have a daily nutritious meal coverage of more than 20,000 hungry & underprivileged children and our daily food distribution regimen is smooth, efficient and dependable – 365 days a year.

Our belief is that the Nutritious Meal Program has an important “socialisation role”. Food should be served in an organized, dignified, equitable, friendly manner. Towards this, our model Nutritious meals and free food program routine strictly observes the following serving rules:

All our meals are served in a clean open space which has been swept in advance every day.
All children are made to wash their hands with soap before eating.
Adequate quantity is served with a second helping if required.
Absolutely No wastage of food, with any extra food, if any, re-distributed to the needy.
Safe and clean disposal of Paper Plates and Cups. Today 19.11.2017 food distribution at Rajokari Pahari, New Delhi, Near Abount 600 Hundred Children Having lunch