24th  July 2022 “Nav Samaj Welfare Society”  distributing the food with help of Mr. Rakesh Kumar Grover to the  underprivileged children with food and other basic amenities addition to education for the children provided through formal school and vocational centres. Despite improvement in health since independence, malnutrition remains a silent threat in India, with almost 50% of children underweight and more than 60% of the women and children with serious nutritional deficiencies as anemia , Nav Samaj Welfare Society is helping the poor and underprivileged with food and other basic amenities. During  program Ms. Meenu, Priyanka ,Pinku Devi, Mr. Manoj Mehlawat ,Mukhtyar  Singh, Surender Singh, D.K.Sharma Yogesh Gupta, A.K.Singh, Binod Kumar, Arvind Paswan, R.N.Pandey ,Shatrudhan Prasad, Avinash Verma , Adv.Gulshan Arora , Subhash Sharma end of program Mr Arbind Prasad Verma thanks to all Guest and Volunteers.