Another food distribution program was organized by Navsamaj Welfare Society on 26th April 2015 for the children studying at the Shiksha Kendra. The students are mostly children of daily wage labourers. They live in poverty because their monthly earnings are low. They are not economically capable of providing nutritious food, clothing, qualitative education and other amenities to their children. For these poor labourers, they are economically not able to provide milk and other supplementary foods to these children. They become unhealthy due to malnutrition and imbalanced diet. Some of them get contracted with infectious diseases. These poor little children need help. Over the years, Navsamaj Wellfare Society has been helping these the poverty-stricken slum dwellers through its health and educational programs. This event was supported by Mr. & Mrs. Gulshan Arora, Mr. Saurabh Singh, Mrs. Rohini, Mrs. Darshan Devi and was presided by Shri A. P Verma.