The Underprivileged children of India need our help as living under above mentioned circumstances, the children got exposed to the harsher realities of life. Underprivileged children lose their right to emotional, physical and social development and are more likely to have depression, low self esteem, lack of sleep and nutrition etc. Poverty is undoubtedly one of the major causes of this plight. Lack of   education being the second culprit. At present, around 30 percent of our population is residing below poverty line, i.e. these people are unable to meet their basic necessities. Before heading forward, we need to understand the types of poverty. There are two types of poverty viz. the absolute poverty and the relative poverty. The former includes people who are financially poor and unable to meet their basic needs of food and shelter, while the later means the difference in the income of individuals. In India, whenever we talk about poverty, we mean absolute poverty.

Now Navsamaj Welfare Society is started to free food camp at Rajokari Pahari ,New Delhi. We are distributed free food among the underprivileged children. And trying to help the poor children inside of Rajokari Pahari, Rangpuri Pahari,Kusum Pahari and Mahipalpur Rural area.