For the education of underprivileged   children, free education is given to these children by Navsamaj Welfare Society for the last 17 years, due to which the will power of reading has started increasing in the children here and the light of Navsamaj will continue even further!

You too can be a participant in this virtuous work!!

  1. By giving social support!!!
  2. Sewing Center for Women

3.By helping financially !!

  1. Helping With Education Materials!!
  2. Giving clothes for the elderly!!
  3. By giving food for the elderly!!
  4. By giving financial help to the elderly!!
  5. To encourage and help the needy children for education!!
  6. Helping widows with clothes and food!!
  7. Giving warm clothes to the elderly in cold!

11.Giving warm clothes to the needy children in cold!

  1. Giving food to children in “Education Center”!
  2. Summer and cold uniforms are provided free of cost to the children of “Education Center”