Say No To Plastic

Say No To Plastic

Plastic pollution is a problem that the whole world is facing together. We are finding microplastic pieces in our waterways, the food we eat, and the water we drink. Collectively, we need to take action and say no to plastic.

Plastic waste does not degrade at a sustainable rate. The more we continue to make, the more waste continues to build up. When plastic waste does not get disposed of properly it ends up in the environment which is causing devastating impacts. Each single-use plastic item we use today is adding to the mass problem of tomorrow (and beyond).

But just how bad is it? And, how can we reduce the issue? This article explains ‘why we should and ‘how we can’ say no to plastic, with great alternative options.

Why we should say no to Plastic
New, shocking plastic-pollution facts are discovered every week. Whales and deer have been found dead from ingesting it. But it’s not only them. Birds, smaller marine mammals, and even humans have plastic inside their bodies. We are only now coming to the realization of just how huge a problem plastic pollution is.

Plastic may take 1000 years to degrade. But it could be much longer. We do know that it can break into tiny microplastic pieces that enter the food chain.
Up to 12.7 Million tonnesof plastic enter the ocean each year (equivalent weight of 12 Million Elephants)
There will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050 (This is based on total weight and fish stocks as per 2015 levels)
88–95% of this plastic entering the ocean comes from just 10 rivers around the world